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Serious Sam HD:The Second Encounter REPACK MEDIAFIRE PC GAME


Year: 2010
Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person
Developer & Publisher: Devolver Digital
Platform: PC
Release date: April 29, 2010.
Developer: Croteam Publication Type: license
Tabletka: absent
Information for restoration: 3%
Language:: RUSSIAN, English
Size: 1.84 GB


Serious Sam is the first game (consisting of two episodes) in the Serious Sam series. It is a first-person shooter (with third-person shooter options) created by the Croatian development house Croteam. Originally released for the PC market only, Serious Sam's rising popularity resulted in the porting of the series to a number of different platforms, including the Xbox, GameCube, PlayStation 2 and Xbox Live Arcade, among others.
The series follows the adventures of protagonist Sam "Serious" Stone and his fight against the forces of the notorious extraterrestrial overlord Mental who seeks to destroy humanity.

Serious Sam games are created in the style of more traditional First Person Shooters like Doom and Quake. Enemies spawn frequently and attack in large wave from across the map, and the player is intended to dodge their projectiles and charges by jumping and strafing rather than by taking cover. Health and armour are non-regenerative, and instead are topped up with the health and armour packs which are littered throughout the game. Available health is represented by a percentage number on the screen. The combat is highly-paced and frenetic: The levels typically consist of a series of elaborate arenas, in which the player will defeat a set number of re-spawning enemies before proceeding to the next. The player can carry an unlimited amount of guns, and ammunition is plentiful.
The visual style of the game is fantastical and humorous. Enemies range from soldiers with rocket launchers to gigantic charging robots to shrieking suicide bombers. The environments include alien planets, ancient Egyptian pyramids and tropical rainforests.
Serious Sam features cooperative gameplay through a split-screen mode and via the internet.

Serious Sam consists of three episodes: Serious Sam: The First Encounter, Serious Sam: The Second Encounter, and the fan-made level-pack Dark Island. A release, entitled Serious Sam: Gold Edition featured all the contents of The First Encounter, The Second Encounter and Dark Island. The games are on separate CDs (in the UK version) and are identical to their individual releases, except that the Sam character model for The First Encounter was modified to match the one used in The Second Encounter.

The Second Encounter starts where the previous game left off, with Sam travelling to Sirius on the "SSS Centerprise". Unfortunately the starship is accidentally hit by the "Croteam crate-bus" and plummets down to Earth's surface. As the starship falls, Sam reads the coordinates and frets about crash-landing into Egypt again, but instead he crashes into Central America in the Mayan age, with the starship now heavily damaged upon impact. However, not all hope is lost, since the Sirians left a "back-up starship" on Earth, which was a fail-safe in case if anything ever happens to the "SSS Centerprise". However, since this "back-up starship" is located in a different time and age than where and when Sam is currently in, he will have to uncover the locations of the other Sirian Time-Locks that will help him reach his destination. With this new objective, Sam storms through Mesoamerica, then travels to Mesopotamia and finally to Medieval Europe where the "back-up starship" is located. On his journey, Sam battles two of Mental's Time-Lock guardians: a powerful spirit named Kukulkan the Wind God and a biomechanical creature called the Exotech Larva. Finally, in front of the Cathedral of Sacred Blood, Sam confronts the last obstacle to overcome on his path to the Holy Grail, Mordekai the Summoner. After a glorious battle with Mordekai and his spawning minions, The Summoner is finally silenced forever. In the Cathedral, Sam lifts the Holy Grail in the palms of his hands, followed by his confession of his sins in a Mental, during which he reassures Mental that "he's coming to get him." During the end credits, Sam activates the "back-up starship" and makes a long journey into space toward his next adventure...
The story then continues on to Serious Sam II.

Other than the more varied locations, The Second Encounter features some additional weapons—a chainsaw, a flamethrower, a sniper rifle, and the powerful Serious Bomb—and a number of new monsters that Sam has to face. This game has also seen the release of a level-pack titled Dark Island, featuring fan-made levels for single and multiplayer mode.
The Second Encounter soundtrack featured three instrumental songs from the Croatian heavy-metal band Undercode.


OS: Windows XP w/SP1 or newer
Processor: Intel Pentium April 3 + Ghz or AMD Athlon64 3500 +
Memory: 1 GB
Graphics: nVidia GeForce 7600, ATI Radeon X1600 (Shader Model 3.0 Highly Recommended)
DirectX ®: DirectX 9.0c August 2009 Edition or newer
Disk Space: 3 G

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