Sunday, 18 September 2011

Street Cricket (2010)PC Game

Game Description:-
World First 3D Street Cricket Game Your Street Your Game! A Real cricket challenge in the virutal world.The game play with unique twist and strike to find the gaps, camera angles and timing makes scoring runs fun and exciting. Street Cricket is street style game with unorthodox shots and challenging game play that changes with every level and nothing is sweeter than you scoring more than your friends. You think you can dominate the game; only the leader board will tell.

➽ PIP camera option to view shots from various angles
➽ Option to Play Full & 20:20 Game.
➽ Play in unique levels.
➽ Customize characters with different set of gears.
➽ Move player around to play different shots.
➽ Play day & Night Match.
➽ Choose your cricketing ground.

System Requirement:-
❖ Operating System: XP/Vista/windows 7
❖ System Memory: 512 MB
❖ Processor: 1800 Mhz
❖ DVD-ROM : 16x
❖ Hard Disk Space: 200MB
❖ Directx : 9.0c compatible with graphic card.




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