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Deus Ex: Human Revolution REPACK MEDIAFIRE PC Game


Developer-Eidos Montreal,Square Enix (CGI),Nixxes Software (PC)
Publisher-Square Enix
Producer-David Anfossi
Designer-Jean-François Dugas
Artist-Jonathan Jacques-BelletĂȘte (Art Director)
Writer-Mary DeMarle,James Swallow
Composer-Michael McCann
Series-Deus Ex
Engine-Modified Crystal Dynamics Crystal engine
Version-1.3.643.1, (Missing Link)
Platform-Microsoft Windows,PlayStation 3,Xbox 360,Mac OS X[8]
Release date-Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360 NA August 23,2011
AU August 25, 2011
EU August 26, 2011
JP October 20, 2011


Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a cyberpunk-themed stealth/science fiction action role-playing video game developed by Eidos Montreal and published by Square Enix, which also produced the game's CGI sequences. Released in August 2011, it is the third game in the Deus Ex series, and a prequel to the original game released in 2000.

The game is set in 2027, 25 years before the first title of the series, at a time when cutthroat multinationals have developed their operations beyond the control of national governments. The game follows Adam Jensen, the newly hired director of in-house security for an up-and-coming biotechnology firm specialising in human cybernetic enhancement, Sarif Industries. After a brutal act of industrial terrorist sabotage at Sarif's Detroit-based headquarters and primary R&D facilities, the mortally wounded Jensen is forced to undergo radical life-saving surgeries that replace large areas of his body with advanced prostheses. Upon returning to work, he becomes embroiled in the global politics of the human enhancement movement in the search for those responsible for the attack.

Human Revolution received critical acclaim upon its release, with many reviewers praising the open-ended nature of the game and the weight of social interaction on the outcome of events.


The different "pillars of gameplay", as called by the developers, are "Combat", "Stealth", "Hacking", and "Social". Players can switch between these gameplay types whenever they please, and certain pillars may flow into others. For example, a failed hack may sound an alarm and start a fight, and social skills might lead to the player gaining access to certain areas more easily than otherwise possible (thus avoiding the need for stealth).

In the series, Augmentations are technological modifications to the human body that grant the user superhuman abilities. While augmentations in the first two games were based on nanotechnology, Human Revolution instead features mechanical augmentations as it precedes the first games chronologically. As players progress through the game, they can activate augmentations catering to each of the four gameplay types.

While the player character is highly capable of bringing death on his enemies, the player is never forced into acts of lethal violence, except during boss fights. Therefore, the use of lethal force becomes an ethical choice for the player. In fact, players are awarded the Pacifist achievement/trophy only by completing the whole game (including the prologue chapter) without any NPCs dying by the player's hands. This includes not only direct actions such as the player character shooting and killing an opponent, for example, but also indirect methods like re-programming security robots or turrets to fire at and eventually kill the player's enemies. Even accidental kills like the player character performing a non-lethal takedown resulting in the NPC falling into electrified water or off a ledge make it impossible to earn Pacifist unless the player reloads a previous saved game. The only opponents the player may kill and yet still receive Pacifist are aforementioned bosses as well as non-human NPCs like security robots.

Augmentations, while enhancing the player's performance in each of the gameplay types, also allow players to craft their own methods of play as they see fit. For example, players can prioritize augmentations that either improve the player character's combat prowess or his hacking abilities while (mostly or completely) neglecting the other without ever being unable to complete a mission objective. Every enemy squad has an identifiable squad leader who directs the team's actions. If the leader is eliminated, the squad falls into disarray. Enemies also react to subtle player decisions, such as a change in behaviour or weapons, etc.Unlike in Invisible War, weapons will fire distinct ammunition types instead of depleting a unified pool. They can also be upgraded like in Deus Ex via a variety of so-called "weapon mods" to improve their performance, such as reducing the time it takes to reload, increasing magazine size, adding a laser targeting device for increased accuracy, and so on.

Deviating from previous titles in the series, Human Revolution uses a regenerating health model. This change was made because the developers did not want players to get into a situation where they were unable to progress due to low health, and would be forced to "scrounge for med packs" and food.This 'scrounging' breaks the flow of the game when the player retreats to search the entire level for medical supplies. In combat, only brief expose to enemy attacks is necessary to kill the player, so regenerative health is only a major factor between fights, not during them. The player can, however, use medical supplies (such as painkillers) and various alcoholic beverages to regenerate the character's health, and even boost it up to twice the normal amount.
Similarly to regenerative health, the game also features a new regenerative energy system, deviating from the previous title's use of items to restore energy. While players will still need to use items to boost their energy cell charge past one, the first cell or any cell partially full will gradually recharge. Despite upgrades to the energy recharge portion in the skills, ultimately only the first cell will recharge by itself when completely depleted.

Another major change seen in Deus Ex: Human Revolution is the highlighting of objects a player can interact with, explained via the in-game plot as tactical vision Augmentation. This feature can be seen in the gameplay preview released in March 2011.This highlighting of objects can be turned off in the game options.Human Revolution is primarily a first-person game, but switches to a contextual third-person viewpoint when using the cover system, climbing ladders, activating certain augmentations, or for melee combat.



This cyberpunk-inspired game takes place during the year 2027, 25 years before Deus Ex. Nanotechnological augmentations have yet to be developed and biomechanical augmentations are the current state of the art. The player's character, Adam Jensen (voiced by Elias Toufexis), is a private security officer with Sarif Industries, a leading biotech company that specializes in human augmentations. After an attack on his company leaves him horrifically injured and forced to undergo augmentation to survive, "the conspiracy begins."The player travels to several locations over the course of the game: Detroit, Hengsha (a fictional city on Hengsha Island in the Yangtze River near Shanghai), Montreal, Singapore, and Panchea, a facility in the Arctic Ocean.


The game begins with Adam Jensen in Sarif Industries' Detroit headquarters taking care of security preparations for the company's forthcoming presence at a National Science Board hearing to discuss the need for augmentation technology regulation. At this congress, Megan Reed, Adam's ex-girlfriend, is to detail a revolutionary discovery made by her and her team that allows people to augment themselves freely (i.e. without having to resort to anti-rejection drugs). However, she is nervous as she fears people will ask about the source of her discovery, a subject referred to as "Patient X". During a meeting between Adam and Sarif Industries' CEO David Sarif, the company is suddenly attacked by a group of heavily armed soldiers led by three heavily-augmented mercenaries. Adam tries to rescue Megan, but is caught by their leader Jaron Namir, who severely injures Adam. The attackers also burn most of the victims in order to make them unrecognizable.

Adam, heavily injured, undergoes extensive augmentation surgery provided by Sarif. He is called back to action six months after the attack to intervene in a hostage crisis in a Sarif manufacturing plant, which was taken over by the radical anti-augmentation terrorist group Purity First. Inside, Adam encounters an augmented terrorist attempting to steal the Typhoon, an experimental military-purposed augmentation. Upon being found, the hacker shoots himself while pleading for help, apparently forced against his will. Adam confronts the Purity First leader Zeke Sanders, who denies any knowledge about the augmented hacker, leading Adam to believe that Purity First is being manipulated by a third party. Zeke can be killed, captured, or allowed to escape.

After the hostage crisis is resolved, Sarif tells Adam that the police reports do not mention any augmentation on the hacker, indicating a cover-up. Sarif sends Adam to the Detroit Police Department morgue to investigate the corpse himself and retrieve the hacker's neural hub. Evidence scattered in the police department reveals that both the plant incident and the original attack had crucial pieces of evidence covered up by government official Joseph Manderley. Sarif Industries' cyber-security head Francis Pritchard analyses the hub and discovers that the hacker was a literal "human proxy," controlled by someone else. Pritchard traces the source of the control signal to an abandoned factory complex, which Adam investigates. There, he finds the augmented mercenaries involved in the Sarif attack. Adam descends into the facility and finds a massive underground secret internment camp run by FEMA. Deep inside the facility, Adam fights Lawrence Barrett, one of the augmented mercenaries. After defeating Barrett, Adam demands to know how FEMA is involved, to which Barrett brushes FEMA off as just being used by a higher authority. Barrett gives Adam an address in Hengsha Island in China before attempting to suicide bomb Adam.

Adam travels to Hengsha to find the building mentioned by Barrett under lockdown by the private military company Belltower Associates, the de facto police in Hengsha. Adam infiltrates the building's penthouse and discovers that it was the residence of the hacker controlling the proxy, Arie van Bruggen. Investigating the apartment, Adam learns that van Bruggen had gone into hiding with the help of another client of his, Triad crime boss Tong Si Hung. At Tong's nightclub, The Hive, Adam learns that van Bruggen is hiding out at the Alice Garden Pods, a nearby capsule hotel. When confronted, van Bruggen claims he was hired by Zhao Yun Ru, CEO of Tai Yong Medical, Sarif Industries's main competitor, though she's now sent in Belltower to dispose of him, his purpose having been fulfilled. However, van Bruggen had left a compromising recording of Zhao inside the Tai Yong Medical headquarters as an "insurance policy" and enlists Adam to retrieve it, claiming it has the information he requires. After van Bruggen forges a Tai Yong access pass for Adam, Belltower soldiers storm the hotel, prompting the former to hide and the latter to escape.

Adam recovers the recording inside Tai Yong Medical's headquarters, in which Zhao reveals that the Sarif scientists were kidnapped and had their tracking implants removed, meaning they, along with Megan, could still be alive. She also reveals that Eliza Cassan, the celebrity news anchor of media conglomerate Picus, is also involved. Adam finds and confronts Zhao at her private penthouse but she flees into a panic room and sets off an alarm, forcing Adam to escape. Adam makes his way to Picus headquarters in Montreal to confront Eliza, only to find a hologram instead. Belltower spec ops soldiers storm the building, prompting Adam to make his way to the source of the hologram's signal in a secret sub-basement. There, he discovers that Eliza is actually a self-aware Artificial Intelligence designed to manipulate public perception through the media. Their meeting is interrupted by another of the augmented mercenaries, Yelena Fedorova. After Adam defeats Fedorova, Eliza informs Adam that the scientists' tracking implants were removed by Doctor Isaias Sandoval, the aide of William Taggart, leader of the peaceful anti-augmentation organization Humanity Front. She adds that David Sarif knows more than he appears to.

Adam returns to a riot-torn Detroit, where Taggart is scheduled to give a speech. After hearing about Eliza's, David Sarif reveals to Adam that the plotting against his company is the work of the Illuminati. If Adam publicly confronts Taggart during his televised speech, he learns that Taggart was unaware of Sandoval's actions and that Sandoval is also Zeke Sanders's brother. Adam goes to Sandoval's apartment where he finds a secret bunker filled with Purity First members, proving his allegiance to the terrorist group. Adam confronts Sandoval, who reveals that he was unable to remove the tracking implants, so he reduced their signal strength to avert tracking attempts. Publicly disowned by Taggart, Sandoval attempts to commit suicide, though Adam talks him out of it. Pritchard manages to track one of the implants belonging to Sarif scientist Vasili Sevchenko, to Hengsha. Nearing his arrival to the island, however, Adam's aircraft is shot down by Belltower, leading to a massive ambush which, depending on the player's efficiency in fighting off the attackers, may result in the death of the craft's pilot, Faridah Malik. Adam discovers that Belltower is on a manhunt for him and that augmentation users all over the world are being advised to have their biochips replaced due to a defect. Adam tracks the signal which leads him to Tong Si Hung wearing Sevchenko's arm, who states that Sevchenko's corpse was sold to his gang by Belltower. Not having any love for Belltower himself, Tong directs Adam to one of Belltower's ships and gives him a bomb to plant as a distraction. When Adam detonates the bomb, he notices that the distraction also allowed Tong's son to escape Hengsha. Adam then stows away in a high-tech hibernation pod.

Adam wakes up some time later and finds that he is currently in Omega Ranch, a biotech research complex in Singapore. Adam finds the three Sarif scientists, who perform a distraction allowing him to access the secure part of the complex where Megan is held. In the secure sector, Adam once again encounters Zhao and confronts her with knowledge gained from the scientists that the Illuminati are creating a "killswitch" for all augmented people worldwide so they will not challenge their rule. After succeeding or failing (depending on if Adam has the new biochip) to use the killswitch on Adam, she orders Namir to kill him.

After defeating Namir, Adam finds Megan who reveals that the facility is owned by Hugh Darrow, a world famous philanthropist and the "father" of augmentation technology. Darrow is currently involved with Panchaea, a massive geoengineering facility in the Arctic Ocean designed to stop global warming via iron seeding. She also reveals that the basis of her revolutionary discovery is Adam's DNA, who is unknowingly Patient X. At that moment, while giving a press conference from Panchaea, Darrow activates a signal that causes everyone who got the biochip upgrade to turn violently insane (if Adam got the upgrade, Megan uses a device to isolate him from the signal). Adam travels to Panchaea to confront Darrow. There, Darrow explains that he invented the technology to help the less fortunate, but it has since become just another means for the powerful to exert control over the rest of the world, as well as potentially causing humanity to lose its moral center. Darrow hopes the madness-inducing signal will horrify humanity and get augmentation technology banned. If the player acquired the CASIE social augmentation, the player can learn that Darrow is bitter that his body completely rejects augmentations, which prevents him from enjoying his creation. Adam races to shut the signal down, encountering Sarif and Taggart along the way, who each suggest a different course of action for Adam.

Adam later arrives at the core of Panchaea, where Zhao merges with the Hyron Project. Adam successfully destroys Hyron and Zhao, making his way to the broadcast center where he is contacted by Eliza. Eliza explains to him the various options he can take: he can broadcast Darrow's confession about augmentation and the Illuminati, which will warn the public of the potential dangers surrounding augmentations and ensure that the technology is permanently banned; he can blame the Humanity Front for the biochip sabotage, thus denouncing the anti-aug movement to the public and ensuring augmentation is developed further (Sarif's suggestion); he can blame the event on tainted augmentation anti-rejection drugs, thus urging the public to impose strict regulation on augmentations, but removing any mention of the Illuminati and putting them further into power (Taggart's suggestion); or he can set the entire facility to self-destruct, destroying the truth along with those who would spin it—including himself—letting humanity decide for itself. When Adam makes his choice, the game ends, and Adam reflects on how his augmentations have interfered with his own human nature. Knowing that the whole world could progress the same way, Adam is left either confident in mankind's ability to retain its fundamental humanity underneath its augmented physiology, or worried, with the thought of a future in which the human revolution becomes significantly less human.

In a post-credits scene foreshadowing the events of Deus Ex, Bob Page is heard talking to Morgan Everett about using the remaining "wreckage" of the Hyron Project for the "Morpheus Project". Megan Reed is revealed to be working for him on a nanite-virus chimera. It's also implied by the achievement unlocked by viewing the scene ("The D Project") that Adam's DNA will be used as the basis for the creation of the Denton brothers.


OS: Windows XP (SP 3) / Vista (SP 1) / 7
Processor: AMD Phenom II X4 or Intel Core 2 Quad
Memory: 2 GB
Video Memory: AMD Radeon HD 5850
Sound Card: Sound Card compatible with DirectX
Hard Drive: 8.5 GB free hard disk space
DirectX: 9

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