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Developer-Double Fine Productions
Platform-PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, Microsoft Windows
Release date-
PlayStation 3-

    NA February 8, 2011
    EU February 9, 2011

Xbox 360-
February 9, 2011
Microsoft Windows

    INT March 6, 2012

Genre-Adventure, puzzle
Mode-Single player
Rating-ESRB: E10+


Stacking is an adventure/puzzle video game developed by Double Fine Productions and published by THQ; like Double Fine's previous Costume Quest, it is a smaller title created during the development period of BrĂ¼tal Legend, and was released in February 2011 for the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network stores. A Microsoft Windows version was released on March 6, 2012.

The game is based on the Russian stacking matryoshka dolls, an idea coined by Double Fine's art director, Lee Petty, who saw the dolls as a means to replace the standard player interface used in graphical adventure games. The player controls the smallest doll, Charlie Blackmore, who has the ability to stack and unstack into larger dolls and use their abilities to solve puzzles to allow Charlie to free his older siblings and put an end to child labor enforced by the antagonist, the Baron. Puzzles within the game have multiple solutions, and include additional puzzles and challenges that allow the player to explore the game's world outside of the main story.

Stacking was well-received by critics and praised for its alluring appearance, humorous story, and accessible gameplay for casual players.


The story is set during the industrial age, where an evil industrialist named The Baron is forcing children to work. The Blackmore family, whose father mysteriously disappears, comes into debt, with the whole family forced into work to pay it off, with the exception of the smallest Blackmore, Charlie. Soon, Charlie learns that his family is being forced to work as slaves with no chance of escape. Using his ability to hop into and control other dolls and use their unique abilities, it is up to Charlie to rescue his family, stop The Baron and put an end to child labour once and for all.


The player controls the smallest doll, Charlie Blackmore, who is attempting to reunite his family that is being forced to work for an evil industrialist named The Baron.Charlie is able to jump inside dolls that are one size larger than him and control them, as long as the larger doll is facing away from him.If the player already controls a stack of dolls, that stack can jump into a one-size-larger doll as well. The player can also unstack the dolls at any time in order to enter dolls smaller than his current stack. Certain unique dolls, outside of Charlie, have their own special abilities—such as the ability to unlock doors, float to higher locations, or lure other dolls around, which can be used by the outermost doll. Thus, the player must stack and unstack the set of dolls possessed by Charlie to solve puzzles throughout the game. Later puzzles may require the use of multiple dolls to combine their skills.

The various challenges for each mission contain multiple solutions, with rewards offered for finding all of them. For example; in a challenge where the player must clear out a lounge of rich people, players can either sneak in a poorly dressed man into the party, or have another character flatulate into an air vent to clear everyone out. There are also rewards for completing side missions, discovering unique dolls, finding and stacking a matching set of dolls and performing "Hi-jinks" with certain dolls.Along with achievements and trophies, rewards can be viewed via dioramas constructed by Charlie's hobo friend, Levi.


OS:Windows XP, Vista, or 7
Processor:Intel Core 2 Duo at 2 GHz, or AMD Athlon 64 at 2 GHz
Memory:1 GB RAM
Graphics:256 MB NVidia 8800+, ATI 3850+
Hard Drive:3000 MB HD space
Sound:DirectX Compatible Sound Card

Repacked by: R.G. ReCoding
Type: Lossless
Language: English
Crack: THETA
Size: 1004 MB







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