Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Bulletstorm brings new furor to first-person shooter action thanks to its signature 'kill with skill' gameplay. The game tells the story of a futuristic confederation protected by an elite band of mercenaries: Dead Echo. When Dead Echo members Grayson Hunt and Ishi Sato learn they’ve been working for the wrong side, they’re betrayed by their commander and exiled to the far reaches of the galaxy. In Bulletstorm, Grayson and Ishi find themselves surrounded by hordes of mutants and flesh eating gangs in an abandoned paradise. They have two objectives: get off the planet alive, and exact revenge on the man who sent them there.

The scoring system "Skilshot: thanks to the concept of" Kill the masterly "in play" Bulletstorm "perfectly combines a fierce firefight and incredible martial arts techniques. Every enemy – a new opportunity to be creative in the art of killing.
Battle pipeline: "Kill the virtuoso" to earn more points and exchange them for improvements to kill even more brilliantly. System improvements in the game "Bulletstorm" encourages a creative approach to the methods of murder.
Terrible weapons: in the arsenal of the game "Bulletstorm" is the most destructive and lethal weapons – from the rifle, "Peacemaker" to exotic kistemeta.
Modes Echo ("Echo") and Anarchy ("Anarchy"): the arcade mode "echo" to compete with friends outside the network for the best result in their favorite episodes of the campaign and team play for the four participants in the "Anarchy".

System Requirements:
Windows XP/Vista/7
Core 2 Duo 1.6 GHz
1.5 GB RAM
9 GB hard disk space
256 MB Video Card (ATI Radeon HD2400 Pro or NVidia GeForce 7600)
How to Crack Bulletstorm:




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